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11:10pm 01-27-2023
Your site is so lovely! I really love the style of it all and it's really fun to explore ^^ <3
Replied on: 3:31pm 01-30-2023

thank you so much! I really enjoy looking through yours too, the flatlay coords you´ve done are really inspirational!!

7:16pm 01-14-2023
freya <3
such a wonderful site!! i absolutely love your art and thank you so much for the rips and scans <3
Replied on: 2:55pm 01-17-2023

thank you so much <3 and it's my pleasure! i'm so glad you find the things i share useful

10:01pm 12-08-2022
Love your style
Replied on: 11:00am 12-09-2022

thank you! <3

5:24am 10-24-2022
so obsessed w ur site and your style!!! exactly the dose of creativity i was seeking ^_^

Replied on: 1:34pm 10-24-2022

i'm so happy to hear that! thank you <3 ☆☆☆☆☆

8:57pm 10-18-2022
random complement, but your film recs are fantastic!
there are very few neocities ppl whom I can't tell exactly which youtuber they got all their opinions from
Replied on: 3:57pm 10-19-2022

omg i love this! i'm so glad, and i was going to add a couple more in autumn/winter <333 it's true i don't watch youtubers LOL! thanks!!

4:54pm 09-29-2022
gorgeous site, I am inspired again to make my own. you have such a lovely style, and I am so impressed!!! so cool. ;A;
Replied on: 4:52pm 09-30-2022

thank you so much for the really kind words!!! <3 i hope you manage to make your own site :-)

9:27am 08-29-2022
huge fan of your art, this site really displays your style in such a cool way! awesome!
Replied on: 11:48am 08-29-2022

thank u so much <3333

12:00am 08-19-2022
haii x_x cool site!
Replied on: 1:57pm 08-19-2022

thank u ^____^

3:25pm 08-17-2022
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Replied on: 3:35pm 08-17-2022

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8:48pm 07-29-2022
this looks so cute I never want to leave <3
Replied on: 9:13pm 07-29-2022

o(≧▽≦)o <3

11:08pm 07-28-2022
hello miss European destroying angel
Replied on: 11:09pm 07-28-2022

thx for the comment babygirl

4:37pm 07-28-2022
joy (Xx_YASULUVR_xX)
いつになったら月に行けるの ?

*O* whoooaaaa... A.B.C. FTW. ^_^
Replied on: 4:43pm 07-28-2022

* dances *

12:10am 07-27-2022
this site is so eatable i want to live in it
Replied on: 1:38pm 07-28-2022